Friday, October 27, 2006

Article - Pilates by Susie Wilson

Everyone deserves a good body and good health.

Pilates is such an exciting discovery into the body. You will discover which parts of the body are the weakest and which parts need to be more flexible. You will start to feel a connection with your body and develop a desire to nurture it as opposed to carrying it around on a cocktail of nurofen and caffeine to ease your aches and pains.

It seems we wouldn’t think twice to take our cars in for an MOT, but don’t give as much care and attention to our own ‘vehicles’.

If you are spending long periods sitting badly, the chances are you need to improve your posture and your flexibility. Do you always hold the telephone with the same hand or carry your shoulder bag or briefcase on the same side? Repetitive movements affect the symmetry of your body so that you become more developed on one side than the other, which can affect your posture and muscle balance and lead to aches and pains.

Pilates rebalances your muscles for better body alignment, and in doing so improves your posture.
When you finish you will feel relaxed, reinvigorated, more grounded and ready to face new challenges.
You have probably heard that Pilates alleviates back pain. You may not have heard that it lengthens muscles, giving a longer, leaner look to the body, dramatically improves posture and adds inches to your height.
You’ll be standing taller and your abdominal muscles will be held in better. You will breathe better, which will improve your circulation, metabolism, skin tone. Pilates will clear your mind, improving the level of your alertness, making you more able to take in and process new information.

In Pilates every movement originates from the core (mid-section of the body). Strengthening the core or ‘powerhouse’ allows everything to move freely, in harmony as a body was designed to, and results quite pleasingly in a flatter stomach. Learning to recruit the core at the beginning of each exercise will stop the risk of injury in any workout or sport, which is why Pilates is favoured by most of the top dancers and athletes alike.

After only a few sessions you will start to feel an improved difference in the way you carry yourself and the way you move. You will probably feel better about yourself than you have in a long while.

Being in touch with your body gives you an inner confidence from the inside out which radiates into everything you do. Taking time to listen to your body has a relaxing quality that greatly reduces the effects of stress.
Pilates requires concentration to isolate individual muscles which is a great way to focus your mind on your body and take your thoughts away from day to day worries.

You only get one body-so take care of it!

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