Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Recipe - Pasta with Bacon and Cabbage

A Quick & light Pasta Dish for January with Bacon and

January is a difficult month, after the excesses of
Christmas and New Year everyone wants to start
healthily and lose any extra weight that may have been
found over the festive period.

So I want to show a simple pasta dish which takes as
long as the pasta takes to cook, yet is extremely
tasty and won’t leave you feeling guilty.

Serves 2 People

100g Wholemeal Penne Pasta per person
2 tbsp Fresh Parmesan
4 Rashers Smoked Bacon
1tbsp Olive Oil
1 Egg Yolk
¼ Savoy Cabbage – Thinly Shredded
Salt & Pepper

Place your dried pasta in a pan of boiling water and
cook as directed on the packet until al dente. While
the pasta is cooking chop the bacon into thin strips
and cook on a high heat with the oil and get some nice
colour on the bacon. Add the cabbage and 2 tbsp water
and stir for 5 minutes until the cabbage is mostly

Drain the pasta and add to the cabbage and bacon, add
the parmesan and mix well, add salt and pepper and
then add the egg yolk and mix vigorously; the yolk
will add a shine and coat the pasta adding a richness
and smooth texture. The yolk will cook enough with the
heat of the pasta.

This is really tasty and I have had it about four
times since new year, it is quick, simple and uses
ingredients which many of us have around.

Please enjoy and you will hear from me soon.

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