Monday, October 29, 2007

Cell Phones and Brain Tumours...

It seems that TV drama's on this subject may have more truth about them than we care to admit, certainly more than our friendly mobile phone service providers would care to share.
A recent study by Swedish researchers has found disturbing links between long-term (over a ten-year period) cell phone usage and the appearance of both benign and difficult to treat malignant gliomas.

Not surprisingly, this information has not been widely publicised by the media here in the U.K and many people continue to spend long periods on their phones oblivious to the potential dangers.

Hardell and his team identified 18 studies of brain tumor risk among long-term cell phone users, 11 of which provided data for 10 years or longer. When the findings were analyzed collectively, the researchers found people who used cell phones for at least a decade had a 2.4-fold greater risk of acoustic neuromas and were twice as likely to develop gliomas.

As usual the healthy disclaimer of 'more research is needed' is given - but this is nonetheless a worrying observation....

Read the Reuters News feature HERE.