Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is it really Butter?

Did you know the use of Butter goes back to prehistoric times....
The cream from the milk is separated, fermented, then beaten to form butter ... something I remember my Gran telling me about from the days when she was a little girl.

Food for thought.......if a child was found to be intolerant to cow's milk, the advice given to farmers was to separate one of the cows from the herd and only feed it on good quality hay, excluding grain and silage .... this in turn removed the intolerant reaction to cow's milk for the child .....simple really.

The way butter is made has changed somewhat over the years, purely for ease of producing large quantities with as little overhead as possible.

This does change the composition of butter, rendering the vitamins and nutrients useless.

Simple correlation:
Quality animal nutrition -> quality milk -> quality cream -> QUALITY BUTTER!!

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