Friday, November 02, 2007

Sweet Enough?

Here are a couple of things to think about with regard to sweetners.....

We have the caloric and non caloric sweetner, the former providing 4 calories per gram and the latter zero calories per gram.

Caloric sweetners are made from processing sugar or occur naturally, used for preservatives, flavour enhancers the list goes on.

Non caloric sweetners will provide the sweet taste without the calories, and are produced chemically .....

HERE's the Science bit ... here you will find a list of processed and naturally occuring sugars.....interesting.....

One of the most widely used sweetners we know of is SPLENDA which is the

" ......brand name for sugar-derivative sucralose, is converted from cane sugar to a no-calorie sweetener. It isn't recognized as sugar by the body and therefore is not metabolized."

Dr Mercola is an osteopathic physician, health activist, and entrepreneur.

He is the founder and editor of the popular website where he advocates dietary and lifestyle approaches to health criticizing many of the practices of mainstream medicine and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

If you try and perform a search on "Sucralose" .... you will get the following "Page unavailable" message:

HERE's a quick preview of the page.

Tests on animals showed Sucralose presented with many problems ranging from shrunken ovaries, anaemia, low growth rate in new borns ..... the list goes on.....

Check out what Dr Mercola has to say about it HERE

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