Monday, November 03, 2008

Keep a diary and someday it will keep you.

A new study has shown dieters who keep a food diary can double their chances of losing weight as reported in Marie Claire magazine.

Read the full story HERE: Food Dairy Weight Loss

Aegis Director Graeme Marsh says: Keeping a food diary can be an enlightening process and can certainly make you more aware of what you are eating and its easy to see how they can be a useful tool in weight loss. Just like many successful diet/weight loss programmes, keeping a diary can often help to change behaviours or highlight to clients where they are going wrong with their eating. For some it may trigger emotions of guilt or embarrassment, while for others it can simply seem like a chore, particularly for those who don't have a penchant for writing or recording. However, like any other tool, it is also corruptible and not without faults and it requires a diligent effort to ensure an accurate recollection of everything you eat and drink over the course of a few days.
My top tips for a food diary are to work over a period of 3 days, 5 at the most. This should be plenty to get an idea of your clients dietary habits, while being at the upper limit of what is practical for most to record. Next, be sure to include as much information - this is definitely a case of quality over quality. Just listing food choices gives you limited help, but if timings, amounts, and all beverages/condiments etc are included along with lifestyle issues like sleep and moods, then you can start to build a more accurate picture of everything from calorie intake through to identifying blocks to success in their current programme.

In the next post I'll cover some of the things you should be looking at when looking at your own food diary.

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