Thursday, November 27, 2008

"You put high heels on and change" - Manolo Blahnik

The Sun newspaper reported today that baby's high heels were to go on sale for children up to the age of six months, provoking a lot of controversy.

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See what company director Graeme Marsh has to say on the subject:

Phew, where do you start with this one? Is it all a bit of harmless fun, or is it another example of parents who seem loathe to let kids just be like kids and insist on dressing them up like little dolls to show off at friends parties? While I am all for grown women dressing up in their Jimmy Choo's for a night out, we can't seriously be considering putting our toddlers in high heels! This just seems wrong on so many levels that it is hard to know where to begin. It is amazing how little thought seems to have gone into the possible physical repercussions of this, let alone the psychological aspects. Trying on mums shoes is one thing, but buying tiny tots a pair of miniature high heels is another entirely. Is it just me who finds these pictures just a little disturbing?

These shoes aren't actually heels, and are aimed at catching the kids prior to walking, but I wonder if the creators are aware how susceptible to environmental influences kids are at that age. We all recognise how harmful heels can be to grown women, let alone messing around with the feet of growing toddlers. The difference is that grown women can get a choice. Is there a chance these shows could be harmful to a child's development? Maybe so, maybe not, although most experts would agree that it is probably not the best move at such a young age.

At the end of the day it seems like not much more than a light-hearted novelty product, although you wonder if they are popular with the same parents who like to show kids off at child beauty pageants putting make up on 8 year olds?? Why is it that we try to get kids to grow up so quick these days? I am sure if they realised how much of a pain in the arse being a grown up can be then most of them wouldn't be thanking us for it!

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