Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Damage Limitation - How to keep happy and healthy over the Christmas break... by Graeme Marsh

1. Give yourself a real break from the things you really need to escape from - texting, email, blackberry, IPOD, Laptop - do it all less, if at all and you will be surprised on how much better you will feel...really, the world won't end i your phone isn't on 24/7.

2. Take the time off to catch up on some sleep. Stay in bed till 9 or 10 in the morning a few days if you can and enjoy the rejuvenating benefits.

3. Go get some pampering of some sort. There are some great christmas deals out there for spa days and pamper treats. Go reward yourself for a change.

4. Keep up eating a decent breakfast, it will greatly stop you overeating through the rest of the day

5. Take advantage of the free time to get out and walk - if you are away then explore where you are, if you are staying put then go out and check out more of where you live. Enjoy the fresh air and burn some calories too.

6. Don't eat just for the sake of it. If you feel stuffed, don't feel you have to cram in more christmas pudding!

7. Keep to good habits, eat plenty of seasonal vegetables and good quality proteins as the basis of your meals.

8. Drink plenty of water every day - keep hydrated and happy!

9. Watch the picking - its constant snacking on not so great food choices that will cause problems and sneak in excess calories....

10. Don't obsess - its only a couple of meals over the holiday period so sit down and enjoy them with the company of good friends and family. We don't do that often enough....!

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Anonymous said...

These tips are fab, and so so so so true. Thankfully I have already followed a few of them.