Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year - New You?

Well like it or not, for most of us the fun is over. No more reckless indulgence in chocolate or christmas pudding, well not for another few months at least. Yes, for most of us it is back to work, worry, and all if you are living here in London with us, the prospect of another 3 months of winter. Boo.

However, it needn't be all doom and gloom. Let's use this time ahead to refocus our efforts on our training and exercise programme. Now is a great time to redefine our own personal goals and maybe set ourselves some challenges for the new year, whether that is to run the marathon, to become a better dancer, drop a clothes size, or simply take some regular exercise! Remember, that goals are best when they are specific, easy to measure, achievable, realistic, and when you set a deadline.

Over the next 30 days we will be helping you by bringing you a daily nutrition tip and exercise routine. That's right, there will be something on our blog every day, so if you are full of enthusiasm but maybe lacking a bit of direction then you can use the blog as a reference to help keep your mind on the training programme through january.

Today's workout is simple. Do something active for 30 minutes. That could mean getting out and taking a walk or a cycle ride, it doesn't matter, just try not to spend the whole day in a coma on the sofa.

As you can imagine, most of our nutrition tips will be aimed at getting you back leaner and healthier so today's is a simple one. It is clear out time, time to go through the fridge and the pantry and get rid of the junk. As most of us know, if it is the house then chances are that at some point, in a moment of weakness or indulgence, you WILL eat it.

If you want to avoid having a physique like Homer Simpson then you best start by getting rid of that leftover Christmas junk!

Stay tuned for tomorrows tip and workout!

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