Monday, January 05, 2009

Nutrition Tip of the Day

Welcome and a happy monday to you all,

Today is a very simple tip, but one that a lot of people we see seem to really struggle with.

Eat breakfast every day.

You see the research has been pretty clear on this one. People who skip breakfast are the same people who have poor eating habits and tend to gain weight. Not eating in the morning starts the day badly, often leaving you starving by mid-morning and reaching for the junk snacks to ease the stress response and low blood sugar levels caused by depriving your body of food.

People who skip breakfast are also more likely to consume more calories over the course of the day, meaning that if you are looking to lose some weight after the seasonal indulgences then you are going to struggle without getting a good breakfast in to start.

So, what makes a good breakfast? Well here are some simple rules to follow....

1. Include some protein, it slows the energy release into the body and helps fill you up.

2. Fruit Juice is NOT a healthy breakfast, neither are Cornflakes.

3. Keep it varied, eggs are great, but omelettes every day soon gets boring!

4. Don't limit yourself to traditional breakfast choices of cereals and fruit, there is no reason why you can't eat meat, fish, avocado, or berries.

5. It needn't take long - boiling a couple of eggs with some sliced smoked salmon takes just a few minutes.

6. If you really struggle to eat something, start out with a smoothie - include something like Progreens and some whey protein to ensure it isn't just a big sugar hit from high sugar fruits such as bananas that often form the base of most smoothie recipes!

There you go! Good Luck!!

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