Friday, January 09, 2009

Workout of the Day

Today we are back to interval training, this time using a different format to the previous interval sessions.....

Again today, pick a piece of kit or if you are training outside find an area to sprint in or a hill to sprint up. Try to use a different format to what you used in the last interval session to target different muscles and keep the variety there.

Today the work intervals are 60 seconds with a 90 second recovery interval.

Repeat this for 8-10 intervals. Be sure to warm up and cool down thoroughly.

Finish with stretching for any tight muscles, in particular we find that the following muscles can benefit from regular attention..

Hip Flexors, Piriformis, Calves, Chest, Latissimus, QL - Keep checking back for a stretch routine on how to best target these trouble areas.


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