Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Funday Part 3

Continuing our tradition of "no rules" training sessions on a Friday, this week we took advantage of the good weather and the innate funnyness of freaking out the office workers who overlook our carpark by taking it outside.

Today's session went like this:
Tyre westling - 30 second bouts, short rest then move to
Tyre Pass- 30 second bouts - repeat these two exercises 3times.
Then move on to this circuit
A1 - Tyre flip- 30 seconds, as many as possible
A2- Sledgehammer swings - 30 secs, as many as possible
A3- Medicine ball overhead swing- 30 seconds

rest as long as it takes for your turn to come round again then repeat another few times.

Total training time 20 minutes

As you can see Jenny has still managed to remain conspicuosly un-bulky which is strange, I'm sure that tyre weighs more than 3lbs!

Check out the video of our London Personal Trainer Team

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