Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Workouts...

Friday is fun day here at Aegis, well in fact every day is fun here, but friday is a fun day for training. It is a bit of a 'no rules' day for us when one of us will put together a fairly arbitrary circuit and we will go out in the gym and smash it up for a bit.

Today we thought we would share that workout with those of you diligent (or bored) enough to read our blog! We will post this to our Facebook page as well, along with a video of the boys in action actually doing it.

Training Focus: Power Endurance - Performing explosive movements in circuit format with an emphasis on speed of execution.

To do this we selected two upper body movements and two lower-body movements and simply performed them as a circuit with minimal rest between each and then rest as needed between circuits. Here is the circuit.

A1 Heavy Kettlebell Single Arm Swings 6 Reps
A2 Explosive Bench Press with Chains 6 reps (we like the chains as they change the strength curve to be more beneficial for explosive work - plus they look cool!)
A3 Power Cleans from the Hang 6 Reps (you can't really use a genuine 6 rep max for this due to fatigue, so drop your usual 6RM down and go for speed and groove).
A4 Inverted Rope Rows 8 Reps

Note: We don't generally support using higher reps for complex movements, in fact to be fair we don't really use high reps for very much at all, except for specific endurance or metabolic conditioning for anaerobic lactic acid fitness. We have found that technique soon gets bent way out of shape on cleans and snatches once fatigue sets in, adding an additional risk to the exercises that we don't feel is matched by the benefits.

Finisher: Team sled drag relays backwards and forwards, alternate between pulls.

Any extra time you have, if you still want more, try some grip work to finish such as sledgehammer work, no thumb curls and reverse curls, hammer curls etc etc. Or of course, like us you could throw in some passover curls, just for a bit of a laugh at the end.

Keep your eyes posted for this workout video, which will be up on our you tube page VERY soon. See it here: Personal Fitness Trainer London

Have a great weekend - and come on England!

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