Saturday, February 07, 2009

'Hockey' - next big thing?

Every once in a while we like to go a bit off-base with our posts, and today is definitely one of those occasions.

When we are not busy creating new workout routines, or coming up with slightly bizarre systems of nomenclature for them, we like to check out some of the new bands and new music coming onto the scene. Yes, it's true, and despite the fact that the 80's are alive and well in our little corner of Shoreditch, we also like to listen to new sounds as well.

Here is a new band to Europe and the UK that we really like the sound of, and we think that they may well become very popular here. They're from Oregon and have a sound that could fit very well with the UK crowds - you can catch them at Cargo, just down the road from the Aegis studio on Monday 23rd February.....check out their tune below called "Too Fake" - Enjoy!

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Greg Smith said...

That is a cracking track...thanks Graeme