Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Funday Part 4 - Maybe not so fun!!!!

This week we decided to push back the boundaries of 'fun' and try out
a new circuit format for team training.

This weeks workout is simply called the 'IGO-UGO 300' and is a workout
for teams of three. It is a great simple format for any of you who
train together and are looking for a fun twist to your routine that
inspires some healthy competition and some interesting exercise
variations, not all intended!

So, here is how its done. We pick three exercises, in this case we
chose deadlifts, chin-ups, and close grip bench press. Each exercise
is done for 100 reps total between the those of you taking part. One
works, while the other two rest. To make it a good challenge you
ideally need three people of roughly comparable strength levels to
avoid the need to change the weights between sets. We chose a weight
that would allow us to start with sets of 6 - 8 each and gradually do
less reps as we fatigue.

The idea is to keep the bar moving constantly, so avoid working to
total failure in early sets otherwise you will blow out way too soon.
So, your sets might go something like this - 6 - 6 - 5 - 4- 4 - 3 - 3
- 2 or similar.

Of course, if you want to you can make the exercises more metabolic
and choose movements like burpees, ball slams, box jumps etc or you
can raise the reps total for the workout. Again, remember, there
aren't really any specific rules, we just like to use big exercises,
keep movement constant, and work hard for the duration of the workout.
You could combine the formats, starting with a strength movement,
moving onto a more traditional hypertrophy exericse and then finishing
with a metabolic exercise, check out the example below for the lower

A Barbell Squats

B Dumbbell Hack Squats

C Burpees

Or the following example for the chest

A Flat Bench Barbell Press

B Dumbbell Swiss Ball Press

C Sled Tricep Presses

If you want something purely metabolic then you can up the reps or add
a couple of exercises, here is the IGO-UGO 500 workout for metabolic
training. Do this with a team of three, rest when needed.

A Burpees

B Ball Slams

C Box Jumps

D Ball Rollouts

E Kettlebell Swings

There you go, weeks of fun!

Enjoy! Please post questions and comments!

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Sassy said...

do you have any tips for females that can in no way, shape, or form, perform most of these workouts?