Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kitbag/Sandbag Training from Team Aegis

Something strange must be happening with the global climate as we have had two consecutive days of sunshine here in London and we are loving it. I can feel the vitamin D coursing through my body and everyone is noticeably happier and more cheerful, roll on the summer! Of course, as ever we are doing our best to be innovative in the methods we use to train our clients and our recent bootcamp circuits are an example of the range of options we have for all fitness levels and budgets.

Our latest pieces of kit are simple, easy to make, and low-cost, so they can be made and used by anyone on a budget looking for new training ideas. They are also multi-functional and ideal for circuits or ballistic exercises as they are so durable and easy to throw around, drop, catch, and generally abuse without little risk of damage to them or the trainee. In this short series of articles we will be showing you some of the drills and exercises that we like to use with the bag, along with some short videos so you can see how to do it.

First things first though, how to get yourself one of these. Here is what you will need.

1. A kitbag - these can be bought online from british army surplus stores for around £7.50 plus postage. An absolute steal. We recommend you get yours from britishmilitarysurplus.co.uk

2. Sand - pop to your local DIY shop for this, a 20kg bag will be ample.

3. Gaffa tape - careful you may start to look like some kind of kidnap planner, but this is an essential.

4. 2 heavy duty rubbish bags

5. 1 large bin bag, big enough to line the kitbag. A wheelie bin liner is ideal. To dump the body, obviously (this will get you an even more alarmed look from the shop assistant)

6. Some filling - we used torn up sheets out of an old punchbag we had, but you can use pretty much anything from old clothes to rubber cut-offs.

The first thing to do is to make up your weights. Simply divide the sand into a couple of heavyweight plastic bags and then wrap those in gaffa tape completely to prevent them from splitting.

Once you have done this, line the kitbag with the wheelie bin liner and start to pack it out with filling. Place in the desired weight packs as you go keeping them well packed in with the filling until the bag is filled to the top.

Close the bin liner over the top and gaffa tape it shut, then gaffa taping the canvas flap in the bag down over it. To finish it up, simply draw the top shut and clip it secure using the bag clip and you are done. 15 minutes work and a total cost of under £20 for one bag.

Once you have your bag you are ready to start training with it. Keep eyes out for the next article where we will start showing you some exercises and circuit suggestions using the bag.


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