Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh Apple, you've done it again...

For those of you who maybe read our blog but haven't visited us in person, we are an office of self-confessed Mac geeks. We all have an affinity with our Iphones, Macbooks, and various other Apple paraphernalia. In tandem we are also an establishment dedicated to learning and improving our knowledge across a wide range of subjects.

I have always maintained that personal training is an undersold occupation, often looked down on by 'strength/conditioning experts' or those with more grandiose titles. However, a really skilled trainer needs to have an armoury of skills and knowledge along with the ability to deliver that over no more than a couple of hours a week - we don't get a lot of time, and we don't have highly motivated athletes to hone our skills on. Being a good trainer takes elements from life coaching, anatomy and physiology, psychology, pharmacology, physiotherapy, strength training, nutrition (my personal favourite), sports science, and a wide basic understanding of many medical conditions and systems in relation to exercise and fitness. Somewhere in there you have to be able to write a decent training programme too! Although, for most of the 'average' clients, its less about a technical training programme than it is encouraging behaviour change and lifestyle modification, and there in lies a big difference. For our average client the need for a complex training programme is fairly low (of course there are exceptions), whereas the need for addressing lifestyle habits (which were originally the cause of weight gain and poor health) is high.

However, I am drifting hopelessly and somewhat pointlessly off-topic. Today's post is to tell you about an amazing resource new to Itunes, the Apple Mac music and entertainment software platform.

Itunes have introduced the Itunes U - a copious resource of audio and video from many of the worlds leading educational establishments, spanning an incredible range of topics from science to health to literature and social science. Even as I write this blog post my itunes is currently downloading biochemistry lectures, and video lectures from Stanford University on ethical food issues and endocrine function. Amazing.

Check out the introduction to it HERE

Alternatively if you want to get straight on with downloading, open Itunes, click on Store and then look for the link to Itunes U in the left hand column. From there you can explore a range of topics and categories.

It's great fun, there is a ton of stuff to peruse, and a wealth of information for even the most dedicated (Yes Ronan, that even includes you!).


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