Friday, June 26, 2009

10 sets of 10, with a tyre....

As you know we have a tradition of coming up with a non-sensical, random, no-rules workouts every friday. This week it was our very own Master of Volume Zahid, the man with the largest adrenal glands in East London to come up with a workout and he has done us proud. Zahid has developed a reputation for the longest workouts on the team and is the only person we know who calls ten sets of snatches "a finisher".....!

As those of you who train with us know, we like to take elements from the many different schools of thought out there and for this workout we were inspired by the high volume, mentally demanding but brutally effective german volume training - popularised by Canadian strength coach Charles Poliquin and with earlier similar versions from the likes of Vince "ouch my shoulders hurt dips" Gironda. This was then combined with the sometimes rather insane methods of high rep explosive routines favoured by the Crossfit crowd.

Now, far from us to weigh in on the various pro's and con's of these often diametrically opposed approaches. We'll leave that to you to decide what works best for your own body and routine.

However, this weeks friday challenge was to perform 100 Tire Flips with 'Ernie' the tyre, in as fast a time as possible.

Currently the record is with the low-volume, low-rep, Zack "I don't do cardio or sets longer than 20 seconds -ATP dominant" Cahill, who posted a time of 27 minutes and 36 seconds and is now complaining of severe forearm soreness and walking like John Wayne.

Of course, the wisdom of this workout may be slightly's just one heavy, hard, dynamic, full-body exercise done for a lot of reps, with not a lot of rest and it is physically and psychologically challenging....but why not give it a try? Alternatively come down to our gym any time during opening hours and give it a try yourself, we will be posting the best times on the blog.

Good luck!

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Hazard said...

That sounds like total destruction. Last train to domsville even. Keep up the good work dudes!