Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Walking the Walk II

Continuing our series in which we let you in on how our trainers actually train themselves, today it's the turn of company director Graeme Marsh . Currently swanning about in Egypt and calling it "work", Graeme has had to adapt his training program for suitability at an ordinary health club. Here's what he had to say.......

what are your current training goals?

Right now, with a history of shoulder problems and a lot of time spent at the laptop my aim is to stay lean, strong, and healthy....

What does your training program look like at the moment?

it's a bit of an irregular programme, but is designed to improve strength, avoid problem exercises, and strengthen weaknesses. As I am overseas it means training in a health club so I tend to work a lot more straight set training to avoid losing equipment or cables between sets.....however, this is the nuts and bolts of the programme. To keep it short i've not included warm up drills or all the relevant tempos and rest periods....

Day 1. Lower Body (Quad dominant)

A Front Squats in the Power Rack 4-6 sets of 3 (aim to work up to 6 x 3 before putting up weight). Stretch hip flexors between sets.

B. Split Squats with Front foot Slightly raised. 3-4 sets of 6 - 8 reps. 301 tempo. Stretch out hip rotators between sets.

C1. Decline Step Up 3 x 10-12

C2. Calf Raises 3 x 10-12 - slow ex and pause at bottom.

D1. Cable Side Bends 3 x 10-12 slow speed on ecc and con.

Day 2. Upper body 1.

A1. Cable Pronated Grip Row 4 x 10-12 - focus on lots of scap retraction and humeral head retraction.

A2. Rotating Rear Delt Fly 4 x 10-12 - on incline bench, rotating thumbs to ceiling.

B1. Cable Face Pulls 3 x 10-12

B2. Rolling Triceps Extensions 3 x 8-10

C1. Lower Trap Dips 3 x 20-25

C2. Band External Rotations 3 x 12-15

D. Wrist Curls 3 x 12-15

Day 3. Lower Body (Hip Dominant)

A. Rack Deadlifts 4-6 sets of 3 (aim to work up to 6 x 3 before putting up weight). Stretch hip flexors between sets

B. Kneeling Leg Curls 4 x 6-8

C1. Hyperextensions 3 x 10-12

C2. Calf Raises Bent knee 3 x 10-12

D. Dragon Flags 3 x AMRAP

Day 4. Upper Body 2.

A. Chest Supported DB Row 4 x 8-10

B1. Single Arm kneeling Cable Row 3 x 10-12

B2. Dumbbell Screw Curls 3 x 8-10

C1. Trap 3 Lifts 3 x 8-12

C2. Lower Trap Dips 3 x 20-25

D. Side Crunch on Roman Chair. 3 x 12-15

Two days a week i do energy system work.....one day is recovery walking and stretching and the other day is interval training and an early shower.....

What's your favourite exercise?

Strangely, never thought I would say it, but......probably front squats....a really challenging but rewarding exercise.

What aspect of training do you find most difficult?

Having to work around an injury and avoid exercises like Cleans that I really enjoy......

What does your diet look like?

Living here in Egypt has meant making some changes in my normal UK diet. Breakfasts I tend to alternate between a very high protein, low carb one such as a cheese omelette with something a bit lighter such as some watermelon and natural yoghurt the next day.. ...after training I'll have a protein shake normally with a few grammes of Glutamine thrown in. For veg it is mostly broccoli and green beans along with lots of peppers teamed with chicken, beef, and fish. I keep to one coffee a day, drink a heck of a lot of water, and eat fruit such as watermelon, apples, and avocado. As for supplements, I take Betaine HCL with main meals, Zinc and GI Microb X (an anti GI infection supplement that has kept me diarrhea free since arriving). Post-training is a serving of Whey Cool (no carbs pretty much) with a teaspoon of glutamine. My diet probably resembles that of the Michael Eades style Protein Power type diet most closely, but is not really designed for weight loss, more just to keep energy up through the day and keep blood sugar levels under control. I eat if I am hungry and am not adverse to the odd treat if i fancy it. Alcohol is virtually non-existent.

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