Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Poor man training - The prowler

In this series we will look at cheap alternatives to some of the bits of kit available to use out there.

There has been an increase in the industry of more strongman style and athletic style training and this makes us very happy here at Aegis. It gives us ideas to try in our facility and we get to play with new and interesting bits of kit.

I think our clients like it too. This means that they get to experience the type of training that you will not find in other health clubs and gyms, make their workouts more varied and interesting. Not only that but this style of training gets results.

The prowler is a great bit of kit and we do not have one! We may invest in one in the future, I may need to sort out some storage space. See one in action below.

Until then we make do with our own version. Check Zack and Louis out, giving it a test drive:


My Business Is Fitness said...

This is great!

Everyone wants to be a cage fighter at the moment, flipping tyres, swinging sledge hammers and beer kegs.

It's great for personal training businesses because it's cheap equipment and it works for strength and power. Way to go on capatilizing on the trends!

Mik said...

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