Thursday, April 28, 2011

Healthy Lunch in The City of London?

We all know, or should know, that nutrition is the real key to fat loss. The fact that the phrase "you can't out-train a bad diet" has become a cliche is a positive thing because it is irrefutably true.

To this end, two common strategies we use with clients here at Aegis are

1- Focussing on nailing breakfast. This works because a decent breakfast sets you up for making better choices throughout the rest of the day. Eggs rock.

and 2- cooking double portions of dinner and having the leftovers for lunch the next day.

Pretty simple. Doesn't always work like that. Given our location in the City of London we train a high proportion of lawyers, bankers and business owners. These people tend to work their asses off and with the best will in the world they don't always feel they have time to prepare food to bring in to work every day. As a result they often have to grab lunch on the run. This is a problem as most of the options you will have for lunch in the city tend to be terrible from a fat loss perspective. White bread sandwiches from coffee shops being a typical choice.

So we could ignore this problem and blame the client for their lack of adherance when they get sub par results or we could come up with a solution. So, while this is not preferable to making your own meals and bringing them in (remember Cahill's second law of physique development ; "he who has the most tupperware in his bag will inevitably be in the best shape") this list of Aegis approved lunches in the city will help you when you're stuck.

Number one - Slo-Carb Box, Poncho No8, 5 Steward st, Spitalfields.
Developed by my colleague and fellow bicep curl enthusiast Graeme Marsh, this is a chicken based Mexican meal inspired by Time Ferriss's interesting book "The Four Hour Body". It ditches the wraps or rice in favour of black beans, a lower glycemic carb which keeps you fuller for longer and is less likely to turn you into a big fat fatty. Ask for extra guacamole and jalapenos, very tasty.


Number two- Thai Green Curry/Arrabiata Meat Balls. Pod, Exchange Square EC2A 2EH.
A bit of a higher carb choice here, so better reserved for post training or if you are already reasonably lean. The food quality here is better than most other take away lunch venues and it tastes great.

Notable mention- Haven't been in there much myself, but Chop'd salads in spitalfields market seems to offer some decent choices. As always with salads opt for a chicken and green leafy base rather than pasta, and balsamic and olive oil dressing rather than other options which tend to contain sugar and other ab-blurring rubbish.

Bon appetit.

Zack Cahill