Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Aegis Training Philosophy (In One Sentence)

I've always felt that the best teachers are masters of taking complex concepts and explaining them in a way that is simple (but not simplified) and easy to understand. As trainers we may have the greatest technical knowledge in the world, but if we can't put that across to the people we're trying to help in a way that they can get their heads round, then I don't feel we are doing our job. So when trainers and nutritionists start talking about their complicated, proprietary systems and using jargon that is impenetrable to anyone without doctorates in biochemistry and physiology, my spider senses start to tingle. It feels like I'm being "sold to" rather than educated.
So just how simple can we get with this? Is it possible to sum up your entire nutrition/training/lifestyle philosophy in one line?

I'm fond of the phrase "don't eat anything with an ingredients list" or variations on the theme of "if it grew in the ground or used to be alive, eat it. If not, don't"
But these don't address training and lifestyle, or allow for large variations in food quality (a battery farmed low-welfare chicken was, after all, alive at one point. It just happened to have a crap life!)
So, here's my attempt at summing up everything I know about health and fitness in one line. I'm no Christopher Hitchens, but what I may lack in elegance I hopefully make up in efficiency:

"reduce the amount of man-made or man-augmented foods in your diet as close as possible to zero, and increase your amount of physical activity as much as possible without exceeding your capacity to recover"

Okay, so it's a long sentence! But it's one sentence nonetheless. And most importantly it touches in every every aspect of the general Aegis philosophy. As for how to apply it, there are an infinite variety of methods which can be debated to death (in fact if you wish to debate, add to, or take the piss out of anything I've said please feel free to comment below). But that's another post for another day, and my dinner is ready!

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