Friday, August 05, 2011

The Latest News From Aegis

Well its been a hectic week at Aegis studios hence the lack of blogging.

-We launched a new service, teaming up with a local business to provide the healthiest lunches in London to our clients. We're talking low carb, high protein, organic meat, cooked with coconut oil. Basically the ultimate healthy lunch. We put this in their hands as they walk out the door after the session, which is powerful. Lunch has always been the meal city workers seem to struggle with most, they would either leave after their session and then not eat for a few hours, or eat something crap. Not good enough, so we solved the problem for them.

-We've been dealing with a big influx of new clients, to be handled by our newest team member Fabio (more on him in a future blog, his story is ridiculous)

-Moving house, both myself and Greg. Me to somewhere local and Greg to the wild and scary world of "outside London" A place where your neighbours call over with cake to welcome you apparently, sounds dodgy to me. I've even heard rumors of random strangers in the street wishing you a good morning. *shudder*
So Greg is now doing 3 days of training people at the studios and the rest of the week in Chiswick. Not quite the four hour work week just yet but getting there.

-Lots of other smaller projects within the business. "Systems" is the key word here. We want the business running smoothly so we can focus on what matters, smashing it up in the gym.

SO in the mean time here's a little video interview I did a while back. I talk about the importance of program design in providing a service for your clients, its a bit technical as it was aimed at trainers, but hopefully you'll find it interesting.

So, have a great weekend and talk soon.

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Greg Smith said...

Hey Zack,

You may find I have moved to Chichester, not Chiswick!