Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Back To School Leg Workout

We're experiencing quite an influx of new clients this month. September is always quite a busy time for new inquiries . Perhaps we are still in the mindset of "new academic year, new me!"

Maybe people are returning to work having done some travelling, during which they realised "hey it's not about slaving away in the rat race! I'm gonna start a new chapter! get in shape, learn tango and start working towards opening that basket weaving retreat in Goa"

Or maybe people are just feeling fat after their holidays.

Regardless, here's a little leg smashing finisher I've been using with a lot of clients lately. This is for the client who has gone through our 3 month introductory process and can therefore perform the fundamental lifts (squat, deadlift, press, Olympic lifts) reasonably well, and can therefore start doing the sexy (or horrible depending on your point of view) stuff. This builds work capacity and burns fat. Bosh.

The Leg Smasher
with no rest perform-
2 lengths pushing the prowler
2 lengths walking lunge with 16kg kettlebell
2 lengths prowler
10 kettlebell squats
2 lengths prowler
20 kettlebell swings
2 lengths prowler
20 bodyweight squats

Rest 2 minutes, repeat.

Not easy.

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