Monday, September 12, 2011

How To Learn The Power Clean

Opinions about the olympic lifts are quite polarised within the strength training world. Some believe they are far too complex to justify teaching to anyone who doesn't actually want to become an olympic lifter, and that you can get all of the benefits of the lifts using jumps and medicine ball work without the teaching process.

Others believe the olympic lifts are the greatest form of exercise and that everyone should build their training around them.

As usual, fence-sitter that I am I come down somewhere in the middle, though to be honest as time goes by I find myself including them more and more.

Yes they are quite technical in nature, and should not be included straight away unless the client already has a very nice front squat and is reasonably well structurally balanced. But I believe the benefits of including them in a program far outweigh the time it may take to master them. We should be in this training game for life anyway so what's the rush?

In the video below I run through the sequence I use to teach the lifts to beginners. I stole this method from Glenn Pendlay, a well known American weightlifting coach.

One nice thing about the video is that Sam who demonstrates the method does not use power cleans in his own training so you are seeing him make the typical mistakes that I see beginners make all the time, and see me try and correct them. An 8 minute video isn't quit enough time to nail the lifts but Sam gives it a good go, and hopefully you find it useful!

If you want to learn hands on how to apply these training techniques and put them into an intelligent strength training program, I'm holding a one day seminar on Saturday the 24th of September.As mentioned in the vid, I'm running it alongside Jay Benedetti

We're calling it MASS- the Muscle And Strength Seminar (nice acronym eh?) and its £97 to take part. We'll be training you and providing food so its very much a learn by doing day. Drop me a line on to book. Theres about 4 spaces left.

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