Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Merry ChristMASS

I recently ran an online body transformation program for women, which I'll do an update on in next weeks blog post. Its been a great success with members losing up to 10lbs in the first 13 days.

It was also really fun to run and a great learning experience for me in delivering a program in a different medium. All of the participants said they benefitted massively from being told exactly how to eat and train , leaving no need for guess work, and having access to me on a day to day basis to ask questions.

So, as I've been getting a lot of questions about running one for guys I thought I'd give that a go.

Here's the deal-

The program is called Merry ChristMASS

(like what I did there don't you?)

It's a 24 day challenge starting december 1st that will take you right up to Christmas.

You need to be a member of a gym that has a decent set up, i.e. a squat rack, barbells, dumbbells that arent made of pink plastic. Beyond that, you won't need access to any specialised equipment.

Just a pair of balls, preferably your own.

You will be pushed significantly beyond what you currently find comfortable , and not just in terms of training. There is a general self-development aspect of this program also.

Every day you'll receive your instructions for the day in your inbox . These will tell you set for set, rep for rep, exactly what to do in the gym, right down to how much weight to put on the bar based on your one rep max.

In addition to this you will have a series of self improvement missions to complete that will push your comfort zone gradually on a daily basis, while opening up new avenues of self improvement for you to explore. The end result after 24 days will not only be a leaner, stronger more jacked you, you'll also have developed increased confidence and some cool new skills. A bit like Liam Neeson in Taken, except with less strangling of Albanians.

Sound good?

I'm pretty excited about it. When I launch this as a monthly program in january it will cost somewhere around that magic 97 quid mark, but I'm doing a deal on this as I'm just testing it out. For all I know I could be full of it and been talking out my arse for the last ten years.

So for December only it's £47.

I'm also conscious that I've been selling a couple of things on here over the last month as I've hit a bit of a purple patch in terms of creating new stuff. So if you bought my total rebuild ebook that I released recently I'll knock the cost of that off the cost of this program.

So, if 24 days of guided, step-by-step training and self development rather than a gradual slide into booze and mince pie induced lazy fatness sounds like a good idea, then mail me at and say "I want a merry ChristMASS"

One last thing, due to my inability to grow a decent moustache, all proceeds from this little experiment will be donated to Movember to support prostate cancer research. So not only will you be getting stronger, leaner and better, you'll be giving cancer a swift kick in the balls too.

This Christmas, give yourself the greatest gift of all. The gift of jackedness.

To join the program mail

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