Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Newer Sexier Site

Folks, we have finally embraced modernity and updated our website, as a result this blog has moved to our London Personal Trainer website here , where I will continue to put out musings on all things fitness and health.

Thanks for reading! And see you on the new site.

Zack Cahill

Friday, December 09, 2011

Skinny Bitch Roundup

Just a quick one this week, here are a couple of before and after shots from the Skinny Bitch Experiment, my online fat loss program for busy women. These results were achieved with no more than 20 minutes of training a day, at home without equipment or gym membership. I've also included a few quotes from the private Skinny Bitch Facebook group.

We'll be opening up to new members again in January.

"Hey guys final results r in!! Minus 5.2kgs (11.5lbs) minus 6 inches on waist and minus 2.25 inches on hips!! Thanks so much zack for giving me the kickstart I needed to a healthier and fitter (exercisewise not hotnesswise haha) me!! I would never have been this motivated BSB (before skinny bitch) thank u so much coach bastard!! Posting the last of the fotos can't believe the difference!"

"I have weighed and measured today as we have friends coming so I'm going to have my first drink of the month! Altogether 17 pounds down now, 3 inches from waist, 2 from hips, 3 from top of leg and 2 from top of my arms. Totally delighted, I'm a different shape altogether and feel brilliant. I am going to continue as best I can until Christmas week, its work nights out etc so I will follow the rules. Thanks Zack, you did perform a miracle xx"

"right here it is: i've lost 7.3 kgs (16.09 lbs), waist 2.5 inches from the waist and 2.5 inches from the hips!! and in Shakira's words....the hips don't lie ladies!!! am so pleased I've defo exceeded pre baby weight and some ... I last weighed this 11 years ago!!!! look out boys!!!"

"Thanks Zack because I think I might look back on this as the point when i stopped being such a lazy bitch and started being a skinny one instead!"
If you want to reserve your place get in touch.